Contracts & Fees

Training Contract, Vet Release & Fee Schedule

This page includes a  link to three separate documents:

Training-Contract - Please review the Terms of our Training Contract carefully and Email Us or contact us at 804-598-3657 should you have questions.   It is important that all fields be filled out and completed and the form be returned to us prior to your horses arrival at our facility.

Vet Release:We are unable to accept horses at our facility without a signed Vet Release Form.   Please take the time to review and fill out this form in it’s entirety prior to or upon your horses arrival at our facility.   You can submit this form via email or you can reach us at 804-598-3657 with questions or concerns.

Additional Contact Information for Garlands LTD is included below:

  • Email Garlands
  • FAX Garlands at 804‐596‐7423
  • Return via mail to the following address:

    Garlands LTD